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Last Sunday April 23rd was the 3rd anniversary of Trevor's passing and friends gathered at the Folsom lake to enjoy the beautiful day and remember a beautiful boy. Some people there, including Bob, were doing a mini triathlon in preparation for the Wildflower triathlon this coming weekend. It took Chris and I over an hour to get out the door in the morning and meet Chris's parents at the lake (they were in town). By the time we got everyone dressed, hair fixed, lunch packed, bike packed and got ourselves ready, Chris and I had already run a mini-triathlon and were slightly stressed and exhausted.

It was worth the effort though. Just to sit on the grass and watch the kids run freely and happily in the sunshine was a treat. Ava rode laps on her bike and then I saw her hop off her bike and start jogging on the trail, helmet and all. She got a few yards in her jog and stopped because she was exhausted. That was Ava's attempt at a mini-tri.

It was a beautiful day to celebrate Trevor. That night I told Bob how absolutely amazing and admirable it is that he and Angela turned the death of their little boy into a positive force in their lives. The statistics say that many couples who experience the death of a child end up in divorce because of the tragedy. Bob and Angela run races and set up booths at the events to raise awareness about the importance of getting on the bone marrow registry. Trevor would be proud.

Please take a moment to vote for Brenda Bisharat so she can be recognized as the #1 Best Photographer in Sacramento. Those who follow my blog know about Brenda and all the wonderful professional and charitable work she does. She took this picture of Trevor and was there when the triplets were born, snapping away.

Ava told Grandma "I love you Googolplex." Grandma confidently responded with "well, I love you more than Googolplex." Ava quickly responded back with, "no, you can't. Googolplex is where all the numbers stop." As it turns out, Ava is pretty much right. Googolplex is not just a large number – it's the largest number we can discuss with any clarity. Just how big is googolplex? Try this out: it would take the fastest computer on earth 4 X 1081 centuries to count to googolplex. That's a lot of love for Grandma.